Welcome to Lobotina Olive Oil

Welcome to Lobotina, our small family-run business that brings you the best olive oil straight from our groves in Nafpaktos, Greece. Our story began in 1966 when my grandfather, Kostadinos, bought a small farm in the picturesque region of Nafpaktos, Greece. My grandfather (Kostadinos) was an entrepreneur, and an Immigrant that traveled to the USA. He established himself in the states for 10 years before eventually coming back to Greece to move my grandmother (Athanasia), Father (Nikos), and Aunt (Helen) to the United States with him.

The farm has been in operation for centuries, with some of the olive trees on our land over 300 years old. Ever since then, our family has been dedicated to preserving the natural goodness of our olives and producing high-quality olive oil that we can be proud of.

At Lobotina, we believe that the secret to great olive oil lies in the care that goes into each step of the process. We take great care to ensure that every bottle of Lobotina olive oil is bursting with flavor and health benefits. We use only the Koroneiki olive, which is native to Greece and renowned for its robust flavor and high nutritional value.

Our commitment to quality doesn't end with the olive oil itself. We also care deeply about our impact on the environment and the local community. That's why we use sustainable farming practices and support local farmers and artisans in Nafpaktos. We hope that when you taste our olive oil, you'll not only taste the rich history and tradition of our family, but also the love and care that goes into every bottle.